Unique Scaffold Inc.

The opportunity/problem (depending on how you look at it) was very intriguing for our team and Unique Scaffold.

They had too much business and not enough people

This is certainly a problem that most businesses would love to have. The conventional marketing objectives of more leads and more sales was going to do more harm then good for this company. At least in the short term.

This ‘Unique’ problem (pardon the pun but fully intentional) required a different marketing approach that only our team at PinPoint Strategies could solve. We applied our proprietary QALIA approach to ensure that we had removed all biases or filters and achieved zero-based thinking.


Who must the SMB (Small-Medium Business) construction services industry become to ensure access to resources in order to grow and scale their business?


Skilled Labour | Family Units | Competent & Experienced Scaffolders


Scaffolders are highly engaged on social media.

A segment of skilled labourers desire a permanent workplace.


Labour Unions & Associations | Labour Market | Oil & Gas Activity


Communicate company identity that Unique Scaffold is special because of how the company treats its employees and attract highly skilled labour looking for a place where they belong.

THE SOLUTION (in all it’s glory)

Digital Update

Unique Scaffold was in need of an update of its digital assets and the implementation of others to bring it into the 21st century of marketing. We were able to upgrade their online personality with a simple re-development of their website. When we started, their online presence was limited to a hard-coded html (read: outdated) website hosted on an archaic platform. Unless you had close to a degree in computer science, it was very difficult to update in manage; no one at the company had any development or programming experience.

When we finished, their website included static and dynamic content that appealed to prospective clients, recruits, media and search engines. We were also able to augment their online presence and authority through establishing Facebook, Twitter and blogging assets.

This was truly a full spectrum update without the costly expense of an overhaul because we used the QALIA process.

Get Engaged

After a much needed digital update, it was time to get results. As I mentioned before, Unique Scaffold had all of the business they could handle (and more) but needed skilled labour to service it. We set out to leverage the new digital assets to communicate and engage with skilled labour who were looking for a work environment that felt like a family.

Collaborating with the executives, we launched two key programs targeted for this audience:

  1. USI Labour App
  2. Unique Dreams
  3. Ronald McDonald House of Southern AB

The labour app was a simple web application where potential candidates could register their contact information along with experience and skills so that they would get updates about when work was available through Unique Scaffold. More importantly, the company had access to an instant labour pool it could recruit from which alleviated labour shortages in peak periods and enabled strategic recruiting for future growth.


Labour App

Custom web application developed for scaffolders to register and apply for open posiitions and projects


The Unique Dreams program as an internal initiative to enable employees to live out their dreams. Employees would submit their dream for them self or someone they care about through an online application. Applications were submitted throughout the year and then reviewed by a management selection committee to choose one dream for which the company would contribute up to $7500. The Dream was awarded at the annual company Christmas party.


Unique Dreams

is an innovative program for employees to be able to get to know each other AND give back.


Unique Scaffold is very family oriented so the welfare of children is woven into the culture. That’s why the Ronald McDonald House of Southern AB was a perfect fit. We collaborated with the management team at the company to execute two fundraising events:

  1. Charity Pong Tournament
  2. USI Annual Slopitch Tournament

Blow Their Trumpet

Tools and initiatives are meaningless without promotion. Using certain print materials and the updated digital assets, we began our outreach campaign to drive registration to the labour app, submission to the Unique Dreams program and fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House charity.


  1. Doubled head count in 2 years
  2. Tripled gross revenue (from mid 7-fig to low 8-fig within 4 years)
  3. 25x ROMO (Return on Marketing Objectives)
  4. $75,000 in funds donated to Ronald Mcdonald House
  5. $23,000 to fulfill employee Dreams

We are very proud about the results we were able to generate collaborating with Unique Scaffold. The results are nothing short of phenomenal.