Regardless who you ask, successful entrepreneurs will tell you the keys to their success include dream building, strategic thinking and vision stretching. All of which are true. What the multi-million (or billion) dollar success stories don’t tell you is how.  Through all of their speeches, interviews, articles and books, the one thing each of them leaves out is how they did it.

I can’t blame them really. The actual story of blood, sweat and tears of becoming a successful entrepreneur is not awe inspiring. They disguise this strategy by labeling as hard work and commitment. They generalize by making generic suggestions about drafting a task list prioritized by your most important task.

None of them are wrong. The challenge for everyone else is that the people they are speaking to are still trying to figure out which are THE MOST important tasks to grow the business of your dreams.  You know…. the business that enables you to do WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT, WITH WHOM YOU WANT.

Here is a peek at what the most successful entrepreneurs in the world already know. This is one thing that I have learned and will share with you. This concept is so simple that I cannot believe that anyone who wants to achieve more doesn’t implement.

The tool is called the 90 Day Surge.  All empires, one way or another are created this way. The Ottoman Empire was built 90 days at a time.  One of the limits to their reach was “the sheer size of the country created geographic limitations on further growth. The army could only travel 90 to 100 days’ march before it had to turn back in order to get home before winter.” according to The Principles of Ottoman Rule in the Balkans. In the 16th century empires were limited by geography and culture developed around that.

Geography does not limit the growth of your business today however it is still heavily influenced by culture. Our attention span and interest levels can only last for a maximum of 90-100 days. There is another reason; several actually.  Several phenomenon like economic cycles and seasons all occur in 90 day cycles.

What does that mean for growing your business? You can build your business exponentially through 90 Day Surges. If you chose just one objective that can be achieved in 90 days and achieved the result… then did so an additional 3x that year, you could double your business.

Skeptical? Good. Let me show you. We had scheduled an event just to prove this point. Not surprising that we called it the 90 Day Surge. We scheduled the event 90 days out and back engineered all of the tasks we would need to complete to hit our goal. Curious? Good.

We set a target of 20 attendees at our event. But that would be too easy so we decided to host the event at a very inconvenient time (5:00pm and rush hour) at a very inconvenient location (downtown core). Not only that, we charged an inconvenient amount ($97) to attend our presentation for … you guessed it: 90 minutes.

Here are the results…

+  40 guests attended the event (out of 38 who pre-registered)…. Figure that one out

+  22 guests requested an additional meeting to discuss how to use 90 Day Surges in their business

+  Number of new clients… incremental increase of 25% from this 90-day cycle.

Not significant enough?

A small construction company that I have been working with has experienced the same results using this approach. Implementing the 90 Day Surge approach in their business, we had taken the company from mid 7-figures in gross revenue to low 8-figures in 24 months. We added a COMMA in their top line simply by achieving our 90 day objectives set 4x per year. How is that math?  Very significant.

Now I don’t want to be one of those entrepreneurs I mentioned above who only give you ‘surface level’ insights about growing your business without giving you enough of the detail to make it happen for yourself. What good is an amazing strategy if it won’t work for everyone. However, I am running out of space (and time). Make sure you subscribe to this blog and get the updates and I promise to share the different tools and strategies you can implement in 90 Day Surges that will double your business in 18-24 months.