Mind Bender

Challenging the status quo. Growing extraordinary businesses.


“Marketing is a process, not an event.

The results are measured

and achieved over time

Stacy Richter is better known as the Marketing Mindbender. To kickstart his career, Stacy completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Calgary with a double major in Marketing and Information Systems. This was quickly followed up by completing an Industrial Marketing minor at the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany.
He has successfully lead marketing initiatives in nearly every sector known in the business world including oil and gas, ecommerce, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, professional services, finance and fintech.

What you might not know about Stacy is that…

  • He was once a winner of a beauty contest in Monopoly.
  • Stacy enjoys playing guitar and the harmonica but not at the same time.
  • He performed a song he wrote and produced on the Buck Shot Show when he was 5.

Stacy completed his MBA at the University of Phoenix before joining a boutique marketing agency as a senior associate. At the time of his exit 4 years later, he and his partners had grown the agency to 6 offices and 30+ associates across North America.

“Business is always personal. Growing a great company

relies on strong interpersonal connections”

–  Stacy Richter, CEO





Think strategy before tools. One will build you an epic

legacy. The other will ensure your business is a job you

cannot quit. When you Ask Great Questions, you Get

Great Results that will build your business.

Your business is great because of the connection you make to what a person wants and needs with the value you offer that helps them get that.

Marketing is the vehicle to communicate that value. There are no more noble virtues than helping people get what they want.